Mobile devices have changed the lifestyles of people and the way they interpret things. The increased use of mobile phones for various activities has developed a whole new pool of opportunities and hurdles for the business holders to drive their business in the market. Majority of masses is moving towards using internet through their mobile phones and this has increased the pressure for various business holders to move towards a responsive website. The websites should be flexible enough to fit to each screen size and must depict the information in simple and elegant manner and this is where the skills of responsive web design come into the picture. We at Logic Spice keeps ourselves updated with the latest trends persisting in responsive web designing and ensures that UI/ UX is consistent in every screen size.

Why Logic Spice?

High Performance: – Our basic aim behind each project is to achieve high performance for our clients to drive their business in a desired way and our team ensures that we achieve the appropriate performance.

Flexible Width: – Our flexible width calculations for various screens are efficient that makes our clients ensure about flexibility of their websites on new screen sizes.

Designed For Target Audience: – Our developers spend handsome amount of time to understand the liking of the target audience and then frame strategies for design to attract them in an effective manner.

Cross Browser Support: – Our developers ensures that clients need not worry about the different browsers that users are using, as we design while considering the major browsers prevalent in the market.

Designed For Corner: – Clients can rely completely on the designs we made as we design for the four corners of the screen in order to fit in each screen size.